We live in 21st century and we should be abreast with the times. It is not that we are not accustomed to the rich and varied technology that is at our fingertips. In fact 98% of us use these systems on daily basis enriching our lives.

The Mandir has been thinking, for a long time, to transfer the current mode of the Mandir’s quarterly newsletters’ delivery to a more efficient and cost-saving way.

We would like to propose an e-newsletter system whereby the newsletters are sent to Mandir’s members at a click of a button, the recipients receiving the newsletter soon afterwards as an email.

The system is already in place; unfortunately there has been a total lack of enthusiasm on members’ part to welcome it.

All the system requires is one’s name, surname and a validate email address. This can be easily done by the user via a simple interactive form on the website, or by Mandir’s admin person.

The system will verify if you are a genuine member or not; if you are then you will start receiving the e-newsletters.

However, the easiest way for a genuine member to register for the e-newsletter is, of course, by supplying the email address when either renewing the membership subscription or registering as a new member.

We understand very well that there will be several members, the older generation, who do not have an email account, find difficulty in using this technology or are reluctant to use it; for them we will send out postal newsletters as we currently do.

The benefits of an e-newsletter are few-fold:
1. It will save consider amount of money in stationary and postage (approx. £1000 annually).
2. Will get rid of preparing envelopes – inserting newsletters into envelopes, sticking address labels and stamps on them – and physically posting them.
3. If there is unforeseen bulletin to be sent out, it can be sent within hours, not days.

There is no point in asking donations or giving donations if they are going to be wasted on ‘avoidable wastes’.

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