New Year 2017

We hope that you enjoyed the festive season and are getting used to being in the new year. We wish that the new year brings you all the joy and your wishes are fulfilled. Let us hope that you make further progress on your spiritual path and the temple makes some contribution towards this. Your participation in the temple events has been willing, enthusiastic and giving due to which we all enjoy the celebrations of our festivals including Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Havans, Janamashtmi, Diwali, Annkot and others. Thanks for supporting all these events and for your generous contributions in many ways including funds, physical service, playing music & singing, donating ingredients relating to Prasad, cooking meals and many more. Your dedication, devotion, spontaneity to help and participate at temple events is amazing. We expect that your enthusiasm to serve the Mandir and contribute to the growth of the service that it provides will continue even with more dedication and commitment. The Bristol Hindu community has gone up substantially but we do not see many of the new Hindu members in the temple. We warmly invite the relatively new comers to Bristol to visit the temple and attend various events. Please visit our website @ for details of the forthcoming events in the temple. We also send temple circulars to our members and we invite you to become a member. For this please visit our website to download and fill in the membership form. More details about temple membership are given further in this circular’

We are open to suggestions to the way we operate provided these benefit the community. Please come forward and talk to our Chairman Mr Rasik Patel or any member of the management community if you have any suggestions.

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