New-look Temple

Although planning and off-site work has been going on for quite some time (thanks to hard work by volunteers led by Mohanbhai), we have seen the results in the form of new domes and other upgrades in the front and right hand corner upstairs in the latter half of 2016. We are planning to do Moorti Sthapan of Swaminarayan, Jalaram Bapa and Saibaba in the right corner and we intend to do this with big celebration with participation of Bristol Hindu community and guests invited from various parts of UK. The Moortis are being donated by groups of devotees in Bristol and London. Our plan is to do the Moorti Sthapan on three different days as follows:

23 April – Jalaram Moorti Sthapan

30 April – Saibaba Moorti Sthapan

8 May – Swaminarayan Moorti Stahapan

The above dates are provisional at present and we might be able to finalise these by the Open meeting day on 22 January.

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