Hinduism is often described as a religion of fasts, feasts and festivals -- come and see for yourself.


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The Hindu Temple Donation Page

ErrorVishnu, whose name means "All-Pervading," is the protector of the world and the restorer of moral order. He is peaceful, merciful, and compassionate. Vishnu is often pictured with four arms. Each hand holds an emblem of his divinity: the conch, discus, club, and lotus. He is usually depicted with a dark complexion, as are his incarnations. Vishnu is best known through his ten avatars (incarnations), which appear on earth when there is disorder in the world. Rama and Krishna, whose stories are told in the Epics are the most popular incarnations of Vishnu by far.

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Most often in life, we have to heavily rely on compromises, and sadly when it comes to religion it is no different.

Without money, the most pious religion/faith will crumble down, and so in order to sustain them they have to find various ways of funding their existence. This is done by fundraising, by institutional and governmental donations, and of course by the individuals who believe in these bodies or those who are overcome by emotions.

It is a sad state that we should have this donation page to supplement the core avenues of bringing in income to sustain the temple, but we have no choice as most things in life - at least we are doing something about it.

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The Standing Order Form: Please print out the form and fill it in.

Why not come in for a guided tour to look around the Temple and learn about many Hindu Gods/Deities? The Panditji (our priest) will be glad to show you around during the opening hours. Students are very welcome. The temple is open for school visits on weekdays between by prior appointment.