Hinduism is often described as a religion of fasts, feasts and festivals -- come and see for yourself.


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Avon Indian Community Association (AICA)



The Avon Indian Community Association (AICA) provides a platform for promoting social cohesiveness within the current and new generations of people of Indian origins and the wider community; plus creating a better understanding and awareness of Indian culture, heritage and values.


· To promote Indian culture, heritage and values to the Indian and wider Community.

· Provide comprehensive service from a central base accessible to the membership of the Association.

· To provide a service which is culturally specific and sensitive to address the needs of the Indian community, with prime focus on health and well being.

· To promote education and training provision on Indian history and heritage with a focus on cultural values, music and dance.

· To challenge any form of discrimination affecting the Indian community in Bristol and surrounding areas.

· Work in partnership with mainstream other organisations to promote the work of the Association.

· Encourage people from all Indian backgrounds and from the wider community to participate in the activities of the Association.

· Promote community cohesiveness between the Indian and other communities in Bristol and surrounding areas.

· Establish dialogue between the Association and Public and Private sector including local and central government and their agencies.

· Promote awareness of local and national political systems and their importance and encourage active participation in these by the Indian community.

· To liaise with High Commission of India in London and with their approval, offer from Bristol, advice and service to the Indian community at large including guidance and help on Consular matters (e.g. visa, OCI etc.).


As Mandir's current finances do not allow the Mandir to either purchase premises or build a holy abode on rented premises, one way we could achieve a bigger and a better Mandir is through grants from the public sector and lottery funding. As funding bodies do not give grants to religious places, we cannot apply for these grants/funding as a mandir but we can via Avon Indian Community Association (AICA) which has been in existence for a number of years. The application for funding has a better chance of being successful if we applied for a funding for Indian Culture Centre (ICC) and demonstrated that it has a large membership.

If we win the funding under this umbrella organisation the temple will be situated in this building along with other facilities such as sports, day centre for seniors and activities for younger people. This will be a great benefit for the Hindu community as a whole.

However in order for our case to be strong we will need to prove to the granters and funders that we really need ICC and that we are willing to do something about it. A strong membership will certainly boost the case. Therefore we urge you to fill in the AICA membership application form (below) and either post it to the address given on the form or leave with Panditji. There is no membership fee.

Please do not tread the path our neighbouring Swindon Hindu community did; whose funding for the Aviva Community Fund was a pathetic joke as less than 100 people from the community registered their votes for the fund when they had 400 members on their Facebook group and well over 1000 members on their email. All they needed to do was to click couple of buttons at no expense at all!

Please print out the below form, fill in the details and then either post it to the address given on the form or leave with Panditji.

Why not come in for a guided tour to look around the Temple and learn about many Hindu Gods/Deities? The Panditji (our priest) will be glad to show you around during the opening hours. Students are very welcome. The temple is open for school visits on weekdays between by prior appointment.